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Previous Speakers

Matilde Them Olsen

AI Trainer

Alm. Brand

The Revelations of an All-Female Engineering Team

Join Matilde Them Olsen from Alm. Brand Group who will share her insights from working in an all-female development team in a rather technical world.

What challenges did that give – and what surprising benefits did it bring.

How did the team – without technical background managed to develop the fastest implemented chatbot in Denmark by combining girl power experimenting with agile methodologies and conversational AI.

And how did this unique team spirit bring the team many bottles of champagne when celebrating their successes

Matilde Them Olsen is an AI Trainer at Alm. Brand Group. Certified AI Trainer and Scrum Master (PSM-1).

With a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and a Master’s in IT and Cognition, Matilde started her journey into the world of Natural Language Processing. For years now, she has invested herself in this subject through positions including AI Trainer in health care AI classifying emergency calls with the startup Corti, as well as a consulting position, which enabled her to explore many use cases of data management and AI. Most recently, she has joined the AI team at Alm. Brand Group implementing several chatbots to support the business both internally and externally. The possibilities of conversational AI is a passion, and the team constantly thrive to expand their abilities in applying the knowledge gained from the extensive amount of customer-based chat data to improve their models.

Tom Sadler

Data Science, AI & Edge Solution Lead for UK&I, Advanced Compute & Solutions

HP Inc

Supporting Women to do more with Data

Hear from women working in Data Science, both Z by HP Data Science Ambassadors and Data Scientists within HP as to the values and key technologies that empower them in their work.

Tom joined HP earlier in the year to manage HP Inc’s Data Science and AI business for the UK&I. He works with some of the UK&I’s biggest organisations across Private and Public sectors, helping them implement HP’s Data Science and Edge Solutions.Before working for HP Tom has worked in the IT industry for the last decade working with some of the biggest organisations in the UK and Europe. Providing and applying Technology solutions.

Maria Lohan

Data Scientist, Analytics Media and Insights

HP inc

Supporting Women to do More with Data

Hear from women working in Data Science, both Z by HP Data Science Ambassadors and Data Scientists within HP as to the values and key technologies that empower them in their work.

Maria is the Global Marketing Data Infrastructure lead within the Marketing Analytics, Media and Insights team at HP Inc. With a 15+ year career as data scientist across many industries including retail, finance and automotive, Maria joined HP 4 years ago to drive the data requirements for the marketing digital transformation. She quickly established the marketing data infrastructure team to enable easy access to data, insights and predictions to support both technical and non technical marketing and sales functions. Maria strives to operationalize data solutions to enable optimal decisions in business.

Tharindi Hapuarachchi

Program Manager, Science Team


Realising the Real-World Benefits of AI Research

At DeepMind we’re on a mission to solve intelligence, to advance science and benefit humanity. AI could be one of humanity’s most useful inventions, however realising its benefits requires a thoughtful, considered approach. Using our recent research progress in predicting protein structures as an example, I’ll walk through how we strive to enable real world impact of cutting-edge research.

Tharindi works on maximising the impact of DeepMind's AI research across the scientific community and real world applications. She has built the strategy and operational foundations for teams to set up and scale, including DeepMind’s spinout Alphabet AI drug discovery company, Isomorphic Labs. Prior to DeepMind, Tharindi led data science solutions at Thomson Reuters Labs working with corporate and government customers across industries, and managed strategic partnerships with startups and academia. She has a PhD in Bioengineering from University College London.

Chanuki Seresinhe

Head of Data Science


Dr. Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe is currently the Head of Data Science at Zoopla, managing data scientists at both Zoopla and Hometrack. Chanuki began working as a commercial data scientist at Channel 4 and, more recently, was the Director of Data Science for Culture Trip.

Chanuki has a PhD in Data Science from the University of Warwick. Her research at the University of Warwick and the Alan Turing Institute involves using big online datasets and deep learning to understand how the aesthetics of the environment influences human wellbeing. Her research has been featured in the press worldwide including the Economist, Wired, The Times, BBC, Spiegel Online, Guardian, Telegraph, Scientific American, Newsweek and MIT Technology Review.